Automation for Gifts – Blackbaud’s Raiser’s Edge NXT Edition


Enables the scanning and uploading of checks and other gift backup. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically capture gift data off of those documents. Users can validate/correct the data captured, edit fields, and submit gifts into Raiser’s Edge NXT.



We will add 4,800 gifts to your processing volume balance during your initial purchase and every year that you renew your subscription. Any unused portion of those 4,800 gifts will expire at the end of your yearly subscription. You can buy Additional Gift volume at any time. Additional Gift volume packs purchased also expire after 12 months.

Features included in all levels:

General Gift Processing

  • Acquisition and submission of committed gifts into
  • Identification of a constituent using the FuzzyMatch algorithm on any page scanned
  • Identification of a constituent by matching a check bank account and routing number to a constituent alias
  • The batch number assigned to the gift in our app will be copied into the committed gift’s batch identified property

OCR and Data Extraction

  • Extraction of check amount (using CAR/LAR detection) ,check date, bank account number, routing number, and check number when the check is the first page of the document
  • OCR Manual capture using our click to capture and drag to capture functionality

Document Capture

  • Multi page gift document support (PDF or TIFF)
  • Support for Check Scanners, TWAIN Scanners and the Fujitsu fi-NX Series Scanners
  • Stacks of paper scanned can be split automatically at every page that is identified as a check
  • Acquiring individual electronic files each representing documentation for a single gift using drag and drop or a file browser
  • Grouping acquired gifts to a batch (not a Raiser’s Edge batch) managed within the app’s workflow

Field validation and input

  • Validating and editing the following fields during the acquisition process prior to submitting the gift to Raiser’s Edge: constituent, amount, gift date, gift splits (fund, campaign, appeal, package), check number, check date, bank account number, bank routing number, contribution amount, Anonymous (Yes/No), and gift subtype. The following fields are defaulted with the subsequent values:
    Gift Type (One Time Gift), Payment Method (Check), Acknowledgement Date (Blank), Acknowledgement Status (Blank), Post Date (Current Date), Post Status (Do not post), Receipt Status (Blank), Receipt Date (Blank)

Storage and Retrieval

  • A tile on the gift record page to access the copy of the check document associated to the check gift
  • The WhiteOwl document viewer which has advanced imaging tools including the ability to annotate and redact documents. This viewer can be used both at the time of viewing a document that has been scanned as well as when viewing documents from within the tile on committed check gifts

Please see our product page for more information on features and for some videos of the product.

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