Automation for Gifts – Blackbaud’s Church Management System Edition


Enables the scanning and uploading of checks and other gift backup. It uses optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically capture gift data off of those documents. Users can validate/correct the data captured, edit fields, and submit gifts into Raiser’s Edge NXT.



We have partnered with Blackbuad to bring the Automation for Gift app’s Good Level to all Blackbaud’s Church Management System customers! You can purchase your upgrade to the Better level either through this store or from within the app.

This app is designed for small and medium sized nonprofit organizations that are looking for a simple and affordable gift automation solution. WhiteOwl’s Apps – Automation for Gifts minimizes manual entry, and uses an intuitive and intelligence user experience to increase the productivity of your gift processing staff.

Using OCR technology, the app captures gift documentation and relevant fields. It extracts data from a check and other supporting documentation and matches it to constituent data using an advanced algorithm. Check amounts are captured using Courtesy Amount and Legal Amount Recognition. OCR processing takes just a few seconds.

Once your data has been captured, easily validate content and field data for any item. Edit or manually enter fields values for those fields that were not automatically captured. This data is then used to create gift transactions in Blackbaud’s Church Management System with any supporting document attached.

Gift records are created along with originating documents attached in the Church Management System and ALL in real- time. Submit one or multiple gifts simultaneously; the app will let you know once the process has been completed. This eliminates delays in recording your gifts and allow you to acknowledge and receipt donors quicker.

Streamline and automate your gifts without the need for an enterprise level document management, workflow, and transaction automation system. WhiteOwl’s Apps – Automation for Gifts is simple, intuitive and doesn’t require extensive training or consulting services.

This gift processing solution is designed to scale for small and medium organizations based on your needs, enabling you to upgrade to PaperSave for enhanced processing requirements, Workflow and Document Management features when you’re ready, without skipping a beat.

Benefits Include:

  • Up and Running in Minutes
  • Lower Capture Costs
  • Eliminate Errors
  • Eliminate Filing
  • Protect Documents
  • Up and Running

Key Features:

  • Integrated with OCR technology for computer generated learning.
  • Point-and-click technology for operator assisted learning.
  • Documents securely stored in the cloud and available on demand from a gift record.

Included in your subscription is base of 400 gifts that can be processed a month. Any unused portion of your monthly balance will expire at the end of the month and a new set of 400 gifts will be added to your balance for use in the next month. Consider buying Additional Gift volume to add to your processing volume for months where you may go over 400 gifts. Additional Gift volume packs purchased expire after 12 months.

Please see our product page for more information on features and for some videos of the product.

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